San Jacinto California Surprise Proposal

Let me take you back a few years, to a time when I still lived in Georgia, and I had a friend visiting me who was a huge Walking Dead fan. We decided to go out to some of the filming locations and see if we could catch a glimpse of some of the action. Meanwhile, Kyle and his son were also in the area, driven by their deep love for the show.

Picture this: a bunch of die-hard enthusiasts, huddled together in the darkness, witnessing the magic of The Walking Dead unfolding before our eyes. We watched scenes being shot well into the night, forging a bond among us that extended beyond those shared hours. And as the sun began to rise, we found ourselves connected on Facebook, a virtual testament to our shared dedication. It’s funny how fandom can bring people together.

Now, let’s fast-forward a handful of years. Imagine my surprise when a message from Kyle popped up on my Facebook feed. He had an extraordinary plan in the works – a proposal that would sweep his girlfriend off her feet. And where was this grand gesture set to unfold? None other than Mount San Jacinto, a majestic peak overlooking Palm Springs, California.

To say I was thrilled would be an understatement. The chance to play a role in orchestrating a breathtaking proposal? It was an opportunity I couldn’t pass up. Life has its way of weaving unexpected threads into our stories, transforming chance meetings into unforgettable moments. And so, from our nerdy escapades in Georgia to the breathtaking heights of California, the journey continues, etching another remarkable chapter in the tale of friendship and adventure. 🌄💍

So, here’s the scoop on how it all went down – with a dash of sneakiness. You see, we had to be sly as foxes in planning this whole thing, just to keep De in the dark about Kyle’s little scheme. But guess what? We managed to pull off the whole shebang without a single hiccup.

Kyle filled me in on the exact timing of when he snagged those tram tickets, and I made my way to the scene early, ready to blend in with the bustling crowd. We all piled onto the same tram, but as far as De knew, I was just another tourist tagging along for the mountain ride. The view from the top? Spectacular, I tell ya. But there I was, playing it cool, tailing them from a distance. I admit, I felt a tad like a friendly neighborhood stalker, all while keeping an eagle eye out for Kyle’s secret signal.

And there it was, folks – the moment Kyle stretched his arms high into the sky, a sign he’d found the picture-perfect spot. With my heart racing, I snagged my spot to capture the magic. Then, he spun out those words, words that hit you right in the feels.

“De, ever since our first shooting star, EVERY wish has been about this moment in time for me. Even though the stars are not out, you can still make my wish come true, if you say yes to spending the rest of our lives together “

And there it was, the big question: “Will you marry me?”

Cue the drumroll, because she said YES! No surprises there, I assure you.

But wait, there’s more. After the heart-fluttering proposal, we dived right into snapping some engagement pics right there on the mountain, capturing the joy and love dancing in the air. And the fun didn’t stop there – we carried on, capturing more moments against the backdrop of Palm Springs, right until the sun dipped below the horizon.

De? Well, she had absolutely no inkling of what was about to go down. Talk about a surprise of a lifetime! And me? I’m just thrilled I got to play a part in this slice of happiness. Here’s to Kyle and De, carving out their own love story, one surprise-filled chapter at a time. Cheers to countless joyful years ahead! 🥂💍

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  1. San Jacinto looks breathtaking! This was a sweet story and a fantastic way to capture this exciting moment. You can see their joy!