Cloudland Canyon Adventure Engagements

It was a gorgeous but sweltering day at Georgia’s Cloudland Canyon State Park for Ishani & Ram’s adventure engagement session! I would have to say that even the 600 stairs that we had to climb to get back out of the canyon were well worth it though for the amazing shots that we got! These two are absolutely gorgeous together and I am fairly certain it would be pretty difficult to take a bad photo of them ;) It was pretty clear from our hike that quarantine has done me in a little as far as being in shape… I need to get on that… but what an amazing and beautiful adventure we had in Cloudland Canyon State Park, one of my favorite spots here in Georgia. We may have even seen a slithering snake or too along the path; always something you want to keep your eye out for here in Georgia. I try to come prepared for anything with these Adventure Sessions so I always carry a first aid kit and snake bite kit along.

Earlier this spring I had posted an Adventure Engagement session giveaway, and Ishani & Ram were among the winners that were chosen. I am so excited to have gotten to work with this incredibly sweet couple! I know their wedding will be AMAZING.

Ishani’s words on how they met:

“Our story actually goes way back, our moms went to school together in India and they have known each other for years. Our paths crossed dozens of times in college, but it wasn’t until a mutual friend told Ram about me and thought we would hit it off. Out of the blue he messaged me on Instagram. We started talking, because I was living in Arkansas at the time and immediately hit it off. We met in Atlanta for our first several dates and the rest is history. He proposed to me this past January in DC at the Georgetown waterfront. He told me we were going to breakfast on the waterfront and as we were walking there I saw a guitarist and rose petals in my favorite color arranged in the shape of a heart. We enjoy traveling – we recently went to Paris to celebrate valentines weekend and have done several trips in the states since we started dating. We both enjoy seeing new things and exploring new places. “

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