Living the nomadic life in my RV

“Not all Those who wander are lost”

~ J.R.R. Tolkien

I kicked off my photography journey in good old Minnesota, along side my big brother. We had our photography business together for a couple years, but eventually my brother ventured on to a different path. So, I packed my camera gear and headed off to Georgia. There, I rocked my own photography biz for a solid 7 years.

After a decade of capturing grand southern weddings and epic portraits, I felt a shift in the winds. I craved something more, something different. I needed to blend my love for travel, my yearning to live the RV life full-time, and my passion for immortalizing intimate and deeply meaningful moments.

And that’s how the spark of “Adventure Elopements” ignited. It’s like my wildest dreams joined hands to form the perfect symphony. Imagine the thrill of exploring new places, the profound beauty of nature, and the deep connections that come with intimate celebrations – all rolled into one breathtaking experience.

So here’s to the winding roads, the heartfelt moments, and the unwavering desire to make memories that are as wild and unique as life itself.

The Road goes ever on and on,
Down from the door where it began.
Now far ahead the Road has gone,
And I must follow, if I can,
Pursuing it with eager feet,
Until it joins some larger way
Where many paths and errands meet.
And whither then? I cannot say.

~ J.R.R Tolkien

Hillary Joy

Owner | Photographer

My JOY for photography,

isn’t just an art form for me. Growing up, I’d lose myself in piles of polaroids and those fuzzy film photos taken by my “Grandma Flash.” (she got this nickname because she was always taking pictures at every family event.) I’d sit there, soaking up every story she would tell about each snap. She wasn’t a pro, but her passion poured into every frame, and that left a mark on me.

Those tales from the past, frozen in time, sparked something deep inside me. I wanted to capture more than just images; I wanted to freeze real connections and genuine joy, so they could dance through the years like timeless melodies. Oh, and you know what’s the icing on the cake? Getting to do this amidst breathtaking backdrops. Nature. That’s my sanctuary, my muse. It’s where my creativity flourishes like wildflowers in spring.

Elopements and their beautiful simplicity; They’re more than just vows exchanged in stunning locations. They’re a conscious choice, a nod to the planet we call home. Being a Leave No Trace aware photographer isn’t just a tagline for me; it’s a heartfelt commitment. So here’s to capturing moments, to sharing stories, and to leaving this world a little brighter than we found it. It’s all wrapped up in my passion for photography, my grandma’s legacy, and the beauty of connections that defy time.

get to know me

Dream elopement

Lord of the Rings themed in NZ

favorite tv shows to binge

Outlander, Stranger Things, Vampire Diaries, That 70’s Show

MY Sign

🏺 Aquarius


4w5 / INFP-T

I’D SPEND my whole paycheck on

Camera gear, camping gear, & Jeep mods

I spend my free time

Hiking/Jeeping ✌🏻


Most anything upbeat, not really a fan of country 😬


Mountains, 🏔️ but thats a tough one, the beach has it’s days.

Favorite treat

Ice Cream 🍦


Bachelor of Fine Arts

Meet the real MVP

Vinnie! He’s not just a rescue Dachshund; he’s my sidekick and ultimate adventure buddy. The thing about Vinnie – he’s downright uncertain when it comes to strangers. I mean, who can blame him, right?

Despite his quirks, this four-legged fur-baby of mine is pure gold. He’s got a heart that shines brighter than the sun, even if he’s not entirely sure about the world outside his comfort zone. Dogs are my jam, my heart’s truest beat, and my never-ending source of smiles.

He’s a reminder that sometimes the best adventure buddy comes in a small, furry package – insecurities and all. And hey, even though he might not be jet-setting to elopements with me, he’s still a superstar in my book!

I am Wilderness First Aid & CPR Certified

Safety isn’t just a word to me; it’s a top priority when we’re out there, living the adventure.

I wanted to make sure I had the know-how to handle things if, heaven forbid, an emergency pops up. Now, don’t get me wrong – I’m all about good vibes and positivity, and I hope to never have to use these skills. But having that knowledge tucked away? It’s like having a safety net, ready to catch us if we ever need it.

So, when we’re out there chasing sunsets and creating memories, know that I’ve got your back, and your safety is in capable hands. Adventure’s all about having a blast, and part of that is making sure we’re smart and safe every step of the way!