Moody Jay Cooke State Park, MN Anniversary Session

This moody Jay Cooke State Park Anniversary session I had with my nephew Jean-Luc and his beautiful wife Chandler, was such a blast! These two were visiting Minnesota from California and happened to be here on their anniversary. I am so glad I got to spend some time with them and help them celebrate their continued love for one another!

Chandler had envisioned a somewhat Morticia and Gomez Addams inspired shoot so the weather getting a bit gloomy on this day was perfect! Thankfully the actual rain held off long enough for us to get plenty of dry shots first. These two are just so much fun, I love that they are totally okay with being themselves and silly in many of the photos.

Toward the end of our shoot, the thunder started rolling and rain started coming down HARD!! We didn’t let this stop us though, I held my umbrella while I shot and Jean-Luc and Chandler just went for it!! We found this awesome and creepy little graveyard in the woods and that fit just perfectly into the vibe, especially with my lanterns! The rain really made the whole overall vibe exactly what Chandler was hoping for!

Anniversary sessions in general are just one of my favorite things to shoot. Your wedding is not the only time you should be celebrating your love for one another! In fact, each year you continue to choose each other is something to celebrate!!

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  1. Everything about this day is sooo magical!!! The lanterns, the rock and water photos, the rain covered umbrella.. UGH, so perfect!!! I love his anniversary session so much!

  2. Jay Cook State Park looks like such a beautiful place to visit. Love how your edit, their style, and the location all perfectly go together!

  3. Jay Cooke State Park looks so beautiful! This couple looks like so much fun, and I LOVE how moody everything is.