Best Portrait Photography Locations in Duluth,MN

Best Photography Locations

When looking to get any type of portraits taken it’s important to find a nice location for a backdrop. This guide highlights some of the best portrait photography locations in Duluth, MN.

Duluth, MN is one of the most beautiful gems in the midwestern US. With sprawling hills, raging rivers, and of course the biggest freshwater lake in the world, Lake Superior! Finding a great photo location is really not too hard here, no matter the season. Below are some of the top, easily accessible, public parks in Duluth, MN that cover all kinds of scenery.

Enger Park

Enger Park is one of my favorite Duluth locations, especially for family photos! With lots of big tall oak trees, hilltop views of Lake Superior, and the famous Enger Tower, this park has plenty of space to get some epic photos.

The park itself is not super huge so will not require a lot of walking to get to all of the good spots, this is why it is especially nice for little ones! There is even a Japanese Zen Garden!

Lief Erikson Park

Lief Erikson park has a huge variety of backdrops from the beautiful Rose Garden, to the Castle stage, and then of course rocky beaches and Lake Superior!

Hartley Nature Center

If you are big nature buff and are looking for lots of green, Hartley is your place! From lots of big trees and greenery to a Lake and some rocky areas, this location has a good variety for the nature lover. If you come in the right season you will even find lots of blooming wild flowers. Remember it important to be respectful of nature and Leave No Trace!!

Be prepared to do just a bit more walking if you would like to get the little lake in your photos or go up to the hilltop views. The Nature Loop trail shows a total of 5.3 miles but we can get to all the good spots in much less than that so don’t worry, it is nothing major!

Canal Park

Canal Park offers a large variety of backdrops especially great for Senior portraits! You can get beautiful lake views with a mix of some more industrial or urban looks. From many different colored and textured walls to standing on a rocky beach, it’s truly one of Duluth’s most versatile locations.

Park Point

Looking for beach vibes! Park Point is the place for you! It’s long stretch of soft sand beaches provide the perfect beachy backdrop. With Lake Superior being as big as it is, it’s hard to tell that you are not at the ocean. Closer to the Lift Bridge provides more urban beach vibes while further away seems a bit more wild with woods in the background!

Lester Park

If you are a lover of the woods and waterfalls, then Lester park is a great location! With several beautiful trails under a gorgeous green canopy of trees, (or red, orange, and yellow in the fall) this area feels like a storybook! You will also find waterfalls of all sizes along this trail system.

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Congdon Park

Congdon Park feels a bit like a Fairytale. When you go down the staircase into the small canyon it feels like going into another world! Beautiful canopy of trees, bridges, rock walls, and waterfalls! You really cannot go wrong with choosing this location.

Lincoln Park

Lincoln park is another great waterfall location, though the falls here are bit smaller. The rocks form a gorge that the river flows through which create beautiful backdrops! Lots of lush green woods and some open fields here as well!

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