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How long should you book your Photographer for your Elopement?

So, you’re planning your elopement and wondering how much time you should be booking your photographer for. Well, my honest opinion: book them for THE WHOLE DANG ADVENTURE! Your special day deserves just as much documentation as any big wedding, maybe even more! No, it does not have to be an all-day photo shoot, but all the little moments in between are often even more meaningful than those epic posed shots we all definitely want. Not to mention, things always end up taking longer than we might realize or think, and being stressed to beat the clock is no fun. Trust me when I say it’s so worth it to make sure your whole day (or days) is covered!

It’s More Than Just Saying Vows

It’s a common misconception that eloping means just a quick ceremony and a couple of posed portraits. But hold up! This is your wedding day!! It’s the day you’ll look back on every anniversary and reminisce about ALL the incredible moments. Just like couples with traditional weddings, your elopement story deserves to be fully documented. Don’t miss out on capturing the whole experience! As the old saying goes, “Time flies when you are having fun” and boy is that true! I have been told by countless couples how happy they are that some of those smaller moments were captured throughout the day, because they had already forgot about them the next day, and getting to sit down and see them later on allows you to really savor those moments.

Have an Adventure!

While the ceremony is SUPER important, why not add adventure to your day as well!! You decided you were not into the whole traditional wedding thing right?! So add some super fun non-traditional activities to your wedding day! The possibilities are truly endless and can be really tailored to fit your personalities and who you are as a couple. You can spend the day doing activities you already love doing together, or perhaps you could be daring and try some fun new activities to add to the adventure.

Reliving the Authenticity

You’ve put your heart and soul into planning an elopement that’s true to you and your partner. It’s all about creating an unforgettable and genuine experience. So, why not have every detail and emotion documented? With sufficient coverage time, you can relive the magic and treasure those raw, heartfelt moments for years to come.

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Sharing Your Adventure

When you’re having an intimate elopement with fewer guests, the photographs become the key to sharing your incredible experience with loved ones who couldn’t be there in person. It’s about inviting them into your world and letting them feel the love and joy that surrounded your special day. By opting for ample coverage time, you’re giving your friends and family the chance to be a part of your elopement story, no matter where they are.

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My perspective as your photographer

Honestly, I’ve never had an elopement where I thought, “They booked way too much time.” Though there have been countless times when I wished I could have captured even more of the awesomeness of the entire experience. My goal is not to turn your elopement into an all-day photoshoot. Instead, I want to blend into the background, ensuring you have the best possible time while documenting you and your partner having the adventure of a lifetime.

When deciding on the coverage time for your elopement, remember that this is a unique and special moment in your life. It deserves to be fully documented so you can relive the memories, emotions, and experiences over and over again. By giving your photographer enough time, you create a treasure trove of visual memories that will keep the magic alive for years to come. Embrace the opportunity to share your elopement journey and celebrate the joy that unfolds throughout the day. Let’s capture it all!

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