Sedona Celebration of Life Pet Adventure Session

I am so very thankful that I just happened to see Lindsay’s post in one of the local Sedona, AZ facebook groups asking if there were any photographers available for a last minute photo session in Sedona for her and her sweet pup Tucker. She sadly had just found out that 10 ½ year old Tucker had cancer, and probably not much longer to live. Her and Tucker had been coming to Sedona for many years together and it was their favorite getaway. They would go on all kinds of hikes among the beautiful Red Rocks and then sit by the river where Lindsay could relax with a bottle of champagne and Tucker could chase the ducks. She wanted to take Tucker to all their favorite places and have one last Sedona adventure together. Having lost my own sweet baby Maximus just last year, her story really touched my heart and I wanted so badly to help her celebrate Tucker’s life and capture these memories and I am so happy we were able to work it out.

When I met Lindsay, it was like we’d known each other for years. She greeted me with a great big hug and the most bubbly personality! Truly the biggest sweetheart, and of course Tucker was also! I could tell he was super excited to be in one of his favorite places! The day was absolutely perfect outside, comfortable temps, blue skies, and sunshine. We started out by the river where Tucker could watch and play with the ducks. He loved wading into the cool water so of course Lindsay decided to join him! I didn’t want to miss a moment and actually ended up joining them in the river as well, hiking boots and all!! (more on that later) Lindsay brought her traditional bottle of champagne to enjoy and thats when we got the idea to “pop the bubbly” in celebration of Tucker’s life well lived! Not sure Tucker really knew what to think of that! 🤣

Next, we went up to Airport Mesa for some beautiful 360 views of Sedona at sunset. This was also a place where Lindsay and Tucker had gotten their photo taken when Tucker was just a little pup. We took our time as the hike was not as easy for Tucker as it once was, but we made it, me with soggy boots and all! The sunset did not disappoint and Tucker had a blast, even making some new friends who could not resist his charm.

After we finished our session, Lindsay and her Mother invited me out to dinner, I wasn’t sure because of my soggy boots, but they insisted I join them. On the way Lindsay stops at a CVS and says, “I’m gonna get you some flip flops so that your feet can be dry.” She comes back out of the store with the only thing they had: “Fur flops.” I have not laughed so hard in a long time, the three of us were in tears the rest of the way to the restaurant. You better believe I sported those “Fur flops” into the restaurant where we sat out on the patio so that Tucker could join us! It was such a fun night! Linsey and her Mom are absolutely the very best kind of people you can find, and I am so thankful to have met them.

Sadly, Tucker crossed the rainbow bridge just a couple short days after this. I am incredibly thankful we were brought together to create these lasting memories for Lindsay to hold dear. This is what my job is all about after all. Time with our loved ones is fleeting, but memories live on. Run free sweet Tucker and chase all the ducks in heaven! 🌈 🦆🦮

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