Downtown Seattle Mother & Daughter Portrait Session

I had such a blast visiting Kim & Maleah when I went to Seattle this past spring!! I have known Kim my entire life since she and my big sister have been best friends since they were very young! I’ve always thought of Kim as just another sister, and of course, her beautiful daughter Maleah is basically my niece. They moved out to Washington several years back so I sadly don’t get to see them too often anymore, but it was so awesome getting to see them this year, even if it was a short visit.

On this day Kim did my hair for me in the morning and then we all went out for sushi afterward! By the way, if you are in need of an amazing hair stylist in the Seattle area, Kim is your girl!! She does an AMAZING job! You can find her at After Image Styling Salon in Everette, WA

After sushi, we went and explored the downtown Seattle waterfront. It was such a gorgeous day, with a sunset to die for! I love these two to bunches and it was so fun capturing them and their silliness together. Not only Mother & Daughter but best friends. ♥

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