Backyard Intimate Wedding – Roswell, GA

Taylor and Andrew are high school sweethearts who met at a party at Andrew's house! After several years of dating, they had planned a beautiful big wedding with all of their family and friends but unfortunately, Covid-19 had different plans for them. With state closing down and large gatherings not being allowed, they had to postpone the wedding for a year. Taylor and Andrew decided they were not gonna let this setback get the best of them and they were not gonna wait that long to be married. They quickly, with the help of family and friends, planned this gorgeous backyard ceremony at Andrew's parents home in Roswell, GA, the same place where they first met!! Surrounded by just a few of their very closest family and friends they made it official on their original wedding day, and now next year on their first anniversary, they still get to have an amazing one year celebration/reception at the originally planned venue with ALL of their loved ones! I am so excited that I got to be a part of this and capture these moments for them, and I cannot wait for the big party next year!!  Congratulations Taylor & Andrew!! Y'all rock!

Dress: Wedding Angels

Chairs & Arbor: All American Party Rentals

Catering: Alessios

Flowers: Susie (mother of the bride)

boho style wedding dress hanging in front of window
boho style wedding dress hanging on metallic tile wall
black and white of wedding dress hanging on tile wall
beige wedding shoes
wedding rings in ring dish with K engraved in dish
close up of wedding rings
wedding rings in blue and white ring dish
maid of honor doing brides hair in front of mirror
bride with maid of honor in robes befoe getting dressed for wedding
mother of the bride buttoning brides wedding dress
bride looking down while mother buttons her wedding dress
family heirloom coin with old note saying
mother of bride helping bride put her wedding shoes on
bride holding written wedding vows
mother of groom putting on his boutonnière
groom reading vows to bride from behind a door
bride and groom on each side of a door holding hands and bride reading vows while groom wipes tears from his eyes
bride looking in mirror smiling
groom standing at outdoor altar waiting for bride to walk down aisle
bride walking down aisle and groom smiling at her
bride holding hands with groom at altar and smiling
bride and groom holding hands at altar in outdoor wedding with guests looking on
groom kissing bride in front of outdoor arbor with guests looking on
groom and bride walking out of house smiling
bride and groom kissing while guests blow bubbles around
bride and groom exiting while guests blow bubbles
bride and groom in red getaway car
bride and groom sitting in getaway car holding bottle of champagne up
bride and groom kissing while cutting cake
bride in boho style wedding dress and groom in grey tux with bowtie
bride and groom smiling at each other
groom whispering in brides ear while she laughs
bride and groom holding up only their ring fingers
bride and groom kissing with n95 masks on
bride and groom with n95 masks on. holding corona beers and holding up ring fingers
bride and groom with grooms parents
bride and groom with grooms parents and brother, all laughing
bride and groom with mother, step father and brother
bride kissing her mother on the cheek
bride with father looking at each other smiling
bride with maid of honor smiling with faces close together
bride and groom kissing while bride holds grooms face
bride and groom with brides hand on grooms chest
bride and groom kissing in front of an ivy archway
bride and groom walking down a path
bride and groom on patio above lake, looking at each other smiling
black and white of groom lifting bride with faces together smiling
groom lifting bride with her arms around him, faces together, and both smiling
groom with his arms around bride, groom looking down and bride has eyes closed
groom with arms around bride, both laughing
bride looking forward while groom looks at her
groom looking forward with bride resting her head on his shoulder with eyes closed
black and white from above bride and groom looking off into distance
bride and groom under veil looking at each other laughing
bride and groom under veil smiling

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  1. Beautiful photos, as always! You always know how to capture the joyful and the intimate moments so perfectly.

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