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So you may have noticed a few things have changed around here! Hillary Joy Photography is now Joy & Wander Photography!! Why have I decided to change my name and branding? Well, I am changing a lot of things about my life so why not have my business reflect the same! I have moved my business from doing bigger weddings and portraits to doing smaller intimate elopements and portraits. Not only is my middle name Joy but my passion is to capture true Joy in the photographs I create. I have also decided to leave Georgia and become a bit of a Wanderer!! I felt this name made sense, and I do hope it goes over well!

I have recently bought a new truck and am heading up to Minnesota for the summer to spend time with my family. While there I plan to buy a camper and make any necessary upgrades with my Dad’s help so that once the weather starts getting cool I can head off on the road!  The plan is to head out west, I have only been a few places out that way and there are so many amazing places I want to see! I am currently thinking I’ll be starting in Utah, and heading down through Arizona and then up the west coast as it gets warmer! Lots of planning to do still and it’s hard without having my camper yet to make concrete plans, but we are getting there!

(my new Jeep Gladiator that will pull my camper)

Heading off on Rv life on my own is certainly a bit scary, but I am so very excited about these new adventures!! I of course had planned to have my sweet boy Maximus along for the ride, losing him has been absolutely heartbreaking. He was my baby and I miss him so much every day. I would possibly like to find another canine companion for the road and have been looking a bit, but I do want to make sure I am ready and taking my time on that.

As far as my business goes, since I am doing smaller elopements, I can work anywhere! I absolutely love adventure elopements and hope to capture some beautiful moments in some amazing locations! Local pricing will be available to those who want to elope or have portraits done in the places I plan to be at for a while, but I will still be available to travel anywhere to photograph elopements!

© 2020 JOY & WANDER PHOTOGRAPHY – taken in Arizona.

I certainly plan to blog along my travels since I am sure I will have stories to tell! I hope you will follow along and share in my new adventures! Let me know how you like the new name and website in the comments below!

Hillary Joy

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