Hillary Joy

Adventure Elopement Photographer based in Minnesota & Arizona. Traveling all over the US!

Photography is more than an art form to me. It’s my introverted heart’s love language. My fondest memories as a child involve sifting through piles of polaroids, and fuzzy film photos, listening to my "Grandma Flash", the OG photographer in my family, tell stories about each and every one. She was never a professional, but she was passionate and proud of every story she froze in time. This is what sparked my passion for capturing real connection and joy so that it may be passed on through the years. Getting to photograph in amazing locations is an added bonus! Nature is my happy place; it sparks my best creativity. Elopements and their simplicity are also easier on the planet than big events, which is something I am quite passionate about as an official Leave No Trace aware photographer!

Let's Connect

Im a bit of a Nomad!

I am currently traveling the western US with my Jeep, travel trailer, and pup Vinnie!

I have been a photographer for about 11 years!

I grew up in Minnesota and then lived in Georgia for 7 years. After photographing big weddings and portraits for so many years, I decided it was time for a change! There were so many places I wanted to see and photographing big weddings just didn't feel fulfilling to me anymore, so I needed to find a way to combine my desire to travel along with my desire to capture more intimate and meaningful small weddings.

Hence Adventure Elopements! A perfect combination of wanderlust, love for nature, and true connection.

This is Vinnie!!

My partner in crime and travel buddy!

A few things

about me

I actually have a degree

Current Residence

Wherever I feel like 😆

In Fine arts

My Top Bucket List Elopement

My Best Friend

A Lord of the rings themed elopement in New Zealand

My Dog Vinnie

I've Been a Photographer



Since 2010


I spend my free time

Hiking/Jeeping ✌🏻

4w5 / INFP-T

I am Wilderness First Aid & CPR Certified

Safety is super important to me while we are out adventuring!! I wanted to make sure I at least had some basic skills to be able to use in any sort of emergency. I really hope I never have to use them, but am glad to have the knowledge in my arsenal!

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